Fans Critical of Every Decision WotC Makes “Out of Love” Have Support from Nagging Mothers Worldwide

Fans of Magic: The Gathering may have varying opinions on the various aspects of the game, but one thing everyone agrees on is how awful it is when Wizards of the Coast does stuff. New stuff is often bad, and when bad things happen people love talking about just how bad it is.

When stuff happens fans will make sure everyone knows how awful it is, but also remind everyone their criticisms are from people who love the game. That their disdain is so frequent and oddly intense because they ‘love the game so much.’ That they just want the game they love to be the best game it can be.

This now a common enough occurrence that it has drawn attention from the N.M.W. otherwise known as Nagging Mothers Worldwide. Karen Adams, co-founder told us, “It’s refreshing to see so many young people come to the realization that they know what’s best. It’s something NMW has been a staunch proponent of for generations. They finally get it. They understand how frustrating it can be when you’re clearly right, and they just don’t listen, because clearly they hate us. Also, stop slouching you’re going to get a hump.”

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