Rumor: Return to Future New Capenna Will Reintroduce Shards As Environmental Non-Profit Organizations

The newest plane, New Capenna, is set in the roaring twenties with a magical twist complete with mythical creatures, magic, and rapid fire lightning guns that, for whatever reason, isn’t called a Timmy-Gun. Players first visit to the plane occurs during a time of strife between five competing crime families, each with their own unique flavor and represented by one of MTG’s five shards (three-color combinations for the muggles).

One great thing about Magic: The Gathering’s planes is that players end up visiting multiple times which provides a unique opportunity to see the evolution of a plane, the impact of its previous stories, and the worldbuilding built upon those foundations. For example: our recent return to Kamigawa sent us to a futuristic cyberpunk world set over a thousand years after our last visit.

This led to many players asking what would a return to New Capenna look like if it too were in the plane’s future? How would the impact of the inter-family war shape the world? We sat down with some guy who claimed to be an expert on these kinds of things, who has never, nor will ever work with Wizards of the Coast in any capacity whatsoever. His name is Ben.

“More than likely, you’d find the remains of the five families rebuilt for the modern age,” Ben told us. “Magical technology would likely become the focus, much like Kamigawa, and rather than relying on brute force to turn the tide of influence, you’d have strife and struggle over public perception. More than likely, those crime families, while operating in many of the same ways would be environmentally-conscious non-profits whose public face is about social progress, inclusion and good will.”

We were kind of hoping for something more exciting, like a post-apocalyptic dystopian universe set in the shell of the former metropolis, but we’re no experts. But we guess Ben really isn’t either so who the hell knows?

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