eGirls / eBoys Selling Their Floating Mana For Thousands

The internet brings everyone closer together in many ways, some of which are more unexpected than others. The trend of “eGirls and eBoys” offering to sell their fans unusual items falls under the unusual column, for sure. Though we’ve never had an obsession over someone that made buying their bathwater or a jar of their farts seem reasonable, we’re also proponents of “do what makes you happy”.

One emerging internet sensation known as Lil Queifu has started selling an array of items. As an MTG streamer they’re offering wrappers from their cracked packs, cellophane from booster boxes, and now their floating mana.

“It’s a chance to get to know me better,” Lil Queifu told us. “People always comment that I’m ‘selling trash’ and last time I checked I’m not selling NFTs.”

The conversation around these types of transactions usually ends up being split between those that think people are wasting their money and the indifferent. Largely, it’s shining a light on the increasingly widening definition of value.

“Is a floating red mana worth a dollar? You’re asking people who pay thousands for cardboard. All I know is that it’s worth it to them,” Queifu says.

Lil Queifu provided a sneak peek at some new offerings such as their remaining life total after games and prevented combat damage.

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