eBay Buys TCGplayer, Receives Picture of TCGplayer in The Mail Instead

Third-party selling platform giants united today, marking the second instance of consolidation of card-sellers. After purchasing TCGplayer, however, eBay checked it’s mail it found an envelope with a picture of TCGplayer inside, rather than the card seller itself.

“The bottom of the listing clearly indicated that we were selling a picture of ourselves,” TCGplayer spokesperson Neal Feeney said. “We even encouraged buyers to read through our listing carefully and completely. I guess eBay didn’t really heed our advice and is now blaming us for misleading them. Their ability to read is their own problem.”


eBay refused to comment, but sources say the retail giant isn’t going to let this one go.

“They were pretty upset,” Feeney said. “0/5 stars and everything. We honor our commitment to our customers and are absolutely going to refund eBay since they’re unsatisfied with their purchase. Just as soon as they return the order.”

The prepaid return envelope was received, but there was one major issue.

“They sent something back, but it wasn’t the picture we sent. We buy, sell, and trade Magic: The Gathering cards for a living. Did they really think we wouldn’t notice a forgery? We’re happy to return the price paid as soon as the original product is returned, not some proxy knockoff. Something tells me they got upset and ripped up our picture.”

At time of press, eBay was able to repair the picture which they claim was damaged in transit. True to their word, TCGplayer is sending a refund in 325 different packages for $278 in shipping.

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