Documentary About MTG Spoiler Season Shelved After Intended Title, ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Was Already Taken

Sources close to the popular TCG, Magic: The Gathering report that the company had intended to release a documentary about the process for scheduling and marketing new products. Due to a legal conflict the project was shelved, ultimately due to the fact that their name for the film, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” was already taken.

“Lots of players wanted an inside scoop at how Wizards is able to release new cards literally every single day so we spend several months with the company documenting the process. Turns out, WotC somehow worked out a deal with Santa Clause for use of his team of elves in order to churn out enough new cards to be able to have a daily spoiler.”

With all art assets, marketing materials, and campaigns planned the team was ready to pull the trigger on the big announcement.


“Everything was ready to go, then the movie using our name hit theaters. The team was floored.”

The team set out to retitle the film and rework its marketing campaigns and websites. Lots of work went in to their new title “Oh God, What Now?” but by the time the team had finished, they received even more bad news.

“WotC said it was too late. Even though this was never a theatrical release and was intended to release on YouTube with a debut on Twitch, they felt the content we had filmed was just too old to be relevant. I made the point that it was only three months ago, though since then they had released fifteen new products, half of which had already rotated out.

No word on any future plans to work on a new documentary, though the team behind the film say they understand since WotC can’t even keep up with their own release schedule on their digital clients.

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