Defunct Commander Podcast Sticker Is The Latest Item Pulled Out of Sea Turtle’s Nose

Protecting our oceans is always a good thing. No oceans means no beaches, and no beaches means summer is a bummer. Part of protecting our oceans means preserving the life that lives there. We all remember when a straw was found in the nose of a sea turtle, a grave indication that our overpriced lattes and stoned fast food escapades have far-reaching consequences in places you’d never expect.

Dard Dardson of Dippa-Dee Do County Florida was on one of his regular expeditions off the coast when he happened upon a familiar sight. “Turtle there, flappin’ ’round. Side to side. Figgered it was dancin’ to ma music we was playin’. Skee bop, dee pop know what I’m sayin’? Anywho, we’s like, ey turtle and gave ’em a beer. That’s when I saws it.”

Dardson had discovered a foreign object sticking outside of the turtle’s nose. He and his friend Willy tackled it and tied it to the side of the boat to dislodge the item and for a few quick selfies.

“We pulled out big ol sticker there, it say ‘Swing Your Deck Around’ whatever that means.

Our own research team found a match via Google’s reverse image lookup and found the sticker was of the logo of the now-defunct commander podcast of the same name. Swing Your Deck Around was only able to produce two episodes before calling it quits, though our sources say, they were very overzealous prior to the first episode, grossly overestimating the demand for stickers with their logo on it.

We reached out for comment from the former podcasters but have yet to receive a response at the time this was published.

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