Latest New Capenna Commander Pre-Con Is Just 100 Treasure Tokens

Commander Pre-Cons have become a staple of every new set, containing brand new commanders and spells designed with EDH play in mind. Each set seeks to embody the flavor of the set they’re released alongside, often leading to unique cards that can end up highly sought after well beyond the products retail shelf-life.

New Capenna’s commander pre-cons are no different as each represents one of New Capenna’s five crime families. So far, the five spoiled do very well in repping their respective shard, but in reviewing the five announced gameplay we notice a very prominent theme missing from their spellbooks – treasure tokens.

Rumor has it, a sixth New Capenna pre-con is set to be spoiled any day now, to take up the mantle of the prominent token in the set. If our sources are to be believed this pre-con is comprised of treasure tokens, literally. 100 of them to be exact. The commander is a treasure token, as are the spells and lands.

“It’s not meant to be played, per se,” Ruminous Gallant, our source told us in a zoom call. “It’s more of a toolbox for players playing with cards from the new set. If it’s one thing players are going to need in limited, EDH and constructed after this set, it’s treasure tokens.”

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