Choices: Should Your cEDH Deck Run Regular Basics or Long Basics?

On this week’s episode of “Choices” we have a big tasty choice to consume whole. Should your cEDH deck run regular basic lands, or is your deck better suited for long basic lands? Deciding which to include can be tough, even for veterans of the format. So read on because we have information.

If you automatically think regular lands are the best choice you’re probably right but for the wrong reasons. Choices can be tough that’s why we write words about them so you to think you’re getting information to make an educated decision. But are you? If you said “maybe” then keep reading. We claim to have the answer in the headline, but it’s not so simple as saying it right away. Most articles won’t do well if the word count is low so, frazzle dazzle. We keep the beep-beeps in the steering wheel.

Paragraph 3

We’re going to add in a picture of a card below. It doesn’t really have anything to do with anything and that’s why it’s there. If you think “these sure are some rectangles,” you’re thinking like the pros do. That’s why you don’t need us to tell you that you’re obviously a long lander. Your basics tower over the rest and scoot your opponents cards a bit when you tap ’em. But how do you know if your lands should be long?

The headline has you thinking you’ll find the answer here. And you might if you keep reading. Or maybe we don’t know either since we’re asking a question. Maybe you know more than us. In fact, we can almost guarantee you do. Here’s that picture of a card we were talking about earlier. We went to scryfall and hit random and came up with:

So, let’s take a look. It’s blue and red. It’s an uncommon and it has a name and text. It might be good if your deck would benefit from the words it uses. Insightful words like synergy and mana cost look really good right here. As well as a statement with an exclamation point at the end! How about that? I feel another section heading coming on.

So Long Basic Lands?

Right, the article. Now that we’ve gone and done some stuff we can get to the point. The long basics or the regular basics. Honestly if your deck would benefit from them I would say go long. Goldfish and get a partner to practice against. It’s one of those things you just to find a feel for. Mainly they’re great for scooting other cards unintentionally and letting your opponent know where you land drops are in your deck.

Next week on “Choices” we ask if sleeving both sides of the card is best. If you’re just putting colored rectangles down on the board you’re probably not going to win, and will definitely lose.

omg. dry erase cards. Of all the dry erase cards these are the driest. “How dry are they?” As dry as my wife after hearing me talk about how great MTG is. Sahara dry.

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