Wizards of the Coast Refuses to Admit their Premium Cards Glued to Popsicle Sticks Aren’t Tournament Legal

Wizards of the Coast is at it again. We’ve seen an uptick in new card variants like special borders, no borders, old borders, serialized runs, new art, and so on. The latest iteration of this trend gives players the chance to open up a regular old Magic card glued to a popsicle stick. Though these rare cards come at a premium due to the fact they can only be found in Collector’s Boosters and a few planned Secret Lairs, players are wondering why Wizards of the Coast haven’t officially announced the new popsicle treatment isn’t tournament legal.

“It’s exciting to buy a Collectors Booster and see a bulge in the shape of a popsicle stick jutting out of the bottom. This usually means you’re going to open up one of the sick new popsicle cards. Even though these cards are super valuable it’s kind of deflating when people remind you that these can never be played in an official setting. One player got disqualified after a judge pointed at the popsicle stick in their deck. I’m not saying they put it there to cheat, but it is a bit suspicious.”

Many folks in the community pointed out that it’s the responsibility of the player to clear their popsicle stick cards with a judge.

“Players should just know that cards glued to popsicle sticks aren’t tournament legal. While it’s true these are official cards sold by Wizards of the Coast, they are, after all, glued to a fucking popsicle stick. If you show up with popsicle sticks jutting out of your deck and expect to be able to play there is no one to blame but you. The fact that we even have to say it out loud boggles the mind.”

Though many players’ thoughts on the subject are quite rational, it is interesting that Wizards of the Coast is dancing around legality in their statements.

“An overwhelming majority of Magic: The Gathering players will never leave the kitchen table. And players have overwhelmingly told us with their wallets that cards glued to popsicle sticks are a welcome addition to the Magic family. The main draw of the game is opening up a pack of cards and the excitement players feel when picking up a brand-new card by the stick. Regarding their use in events, all we’re going to say is that we absolutely love our judges and leave the decision making to them when it comes to the legality of decks.”

Though they’ve refused to comment about legality, they have issued a disclaimer with the product to wear eye protection when using popsicle stick cards.

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